Wednesday, 11 February 2009

More photos sent from Jeff :)

Really like this photo, Jeff tells me its almost 15 years go.

And I will be picking the gearbox up from Deano from Cogbox spec and photos to follow :)

Update from Jeff on the motor side

Jeff D has sent me a few sneaky photos of the motor parts to keep me happy ( did the trick dude ) :)

Cage + Paint update

Right then Cage all in by Jim at Cotswelds, Very cool guy and a true craftsmen.

Then Painted by Eric @ Body Craft a brilliant and guy and team.

Also Terrible Photo i am sorry but of the dash now painted

Friday, 14 November 2008

Monday, 27 October 2008

Right then not alot been happening, been sorting through the Birds nest that is the wireing :( what a mess haha but its funny i could have tied up my mrs with it all.

Right Martin Taylor has been kind enough to make me a set of 13 by 3 rims which i pick up at Flame and Thunder for a very good price. Cheers dude

Cage is booked in for the 21 of novemeber with Jim Smith

Just spoke to Walter at CMS to get some rear wheels made, going to measure what i can fit under the Arches but my options are

1 3/8s

so i will check what i need and get them made up , they come out at a very good price even with the SHITE dollar exchange rate

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Measure this measure that :)

Well as i said before i need to get the details to M Taylor to get started on the front wheels.

The current wheel i belive is a fait wheel the the Vworld Feature on the car said its a 15" rabbit wheel. This is a 13" wheel with a 175 70 R13 tyre , does rub on full look.

Going for a 2 ½ back space and 1 ½ up front as i want to give it a tucked look.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Nout new but old Tat

Well i thought i would put up some Dubs i have owned in the past , bit of history on me i supose. I never really keep stuff for long which is a shame , but the fiat is a Keeper :)

Anway first up would be the X Hundsaker White cal looker. Such a nice car just needed going through which has now been done by its new owner: Enough of my rubish talk heres the car :)

Then the last to cross my path was a car built by Luke V in cali Called the Jade Grenade , a cool guy call Barry owns its now and i think its about to his the show scene and really impress alot of people: